A Rookie Bitch

I was teaching
A rookie bitch

How to be
Truly a bitch

And a hopeful
Rookie ass-hole

Showed up
Behind the guise of

Protecting her
Abused vagina

Only to be schooled
By me AGAIN!

Note: Once upon a time, I used to ignore these losers and ignorants of a lifetime. Today, out of empathy, I give them my precious time in charity in a hope they can go back to their innocent selves they were before someone fucked their lives so much that they turned out to be not only a shameful existence for themselves but also for their loved ones too.

These mentally retarded and (seemingly eternally) messed up individuals roam around us spreading militant feminism (and resultantly a heartless world view of love) behind the guise of their twisted definition of “freedom”. Totally unaware of a fact where every freedom comes with a responsibility, like the one I show by the example of beating the asses of these attention-seeking losers right in front of the eyes of their sympathizers i.e. rookie bitches and ass-holes.

No hatred of any type can set its blind, hideous and deceptive eyes upon love.

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