Do I scare you?

Yesss!!! Those red lips are the scariest thing I have ever seen, reminding me of one kiss when I fell in love for the first and last time. Your red lips scare the shit out of my heart, soul and the very being. Let run, run far far away unlike the previous time when those red lips kissed someone else too after me.

Glasgowdragonfly's Blog

Do I scare you with my red lips? I pout, giving you that secret smile. My eyes fix on yours just that split second too long, long enough to break you. You know I want you and before you can stop yourself, you’ve gone. Your breath in my hair, a hand on my waist. I look up and our foreheads touch before I pull your mouth towards mine. Kissing you slowly at first, moving in, my hands caress your neck. You clutch my body; helpless, taking it, dropping your guard, losing yourself. Do I scare you? I whisper again. You play along with a yes in response. It excites me that you’re game. The cat has her mouse, bravo! And so I sink my teeth in behind your ear. Deep, rich, satisfying. You succumb. I devour. You don’t make a peep. Oh, that handsome glassy stare. A waste really. Before…

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