Intellectual Sparring (Fighting Intellectually)

After reading Sharon’s post these thoughts came to my mind;

I hate you (your beauty) so much that I want to marry you, making you suffer me for the rest of your life.

Beyond sex, I have seen couples married for so long usually fighting intellectually and finding a lot of interesting and romantic opportunity in that.

These unhappy, grumpy old couples that I see dining with me over a breakfast, lunch or dinners, I always used to wonder why the heck are they married if they hate each other so much. It has be that intellectually sparring (fighting) that you talk about here.

Here’s a sample of what she wrote;

“We NEED people to challenge us & push us to reconsider what we think is the right answer or only correct view of something. The problem is that we often assume blinders that limit our field of view & ability to see truth, that we stop having the curiosity to see the world from a scientific method of always testing to see if a truth we think we know still holds. We need to have the humility to own that we have gaps in our thinking & ability to see a subject, & we then need to actively listen & keep an open mind to be willing to learn something new (especially if our previous understanding was inaccurate or entirely off). Mind you, that requires a kind of humble nature that not every introvert can always maintain, or least not one that I can always maintain, so maybe this is really unique to me?”

Sharon Kehl Califano

For more, you can read her blog post at;

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