All These Fake Niceties Apart

All these
Fake niceties apart

Tell me
Did you love

Before opening your legs

To all those

Note: All of us can lay a claim to not knowing what love is and behind that excuse continue fucking ourselves more than fucking others out there. But honestly speaking, is this the best we can do? I mean being stupid is all dandy and fine but still, are all these abortions, promiscuity, militant feminism and what not, is that the epitome of humanity?

Like seriously???

I am not judging anybody here since its all these women who came closer to me, coming off loving and falling for me only to not be able to hold on to that fake persona for too long until their slutty and bitchy self came out in the open. I mean why waste life, tears, emotions, time and my money, not hers since she’s either on welfare already or thinks men should provide.

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