Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a Nincompoop (a foolish person) And Equates AOC With Poop

While having my breakfast, I am used to reading newspapers. But, in today’s digital age, I watch news through live broadcasting these news channels on my Android phone. Thankfully I had finished my breakfast before watching this particular news video, otherwise I’d be vomiting all of my breakfast out.

What the fuck happened to nice, decent and civil reporting of the news??? I know I am myself using the word “fuck” while talking about decency and everything nice out there. But I seriously searched the whole dictionaries of six plus languages that I speak/understand. And found nothing better than “what the fuck” word to describe how I felt watching this kind of horrible news reporting. World is definitely getting uglier by the day even the newsroom where we are at least supposed to stay calm, civil and “normal” instead of acting like a “poop” news broadcaster.

According to Wikipedia, Ms.Rita Panahi (The Sky News Australia broadcaster) hails from Iranian parents and I have personally met far more respectful Iranians who pride themselves of thousands years old Persian civilization dating far far way back than Islam. In her desperate efforts to become “Americanized” or a foolish mouthpiece for republicans-leaning Australian news media organization (Sky News), she totally lost whatever might be found in her DNA whenever researched.

These wild-wild-west type of ignorants take us back to the stone age when no cuss words were invented and only tribal mindsets with violent rhetoric was all that used to be the way to communicate.

Alas, after thousands of years of Plato, Socrates and in this modern era of 21st century with all these schools, colleges, universities and not to mention millions of Mosques, Churches, Temples, etc, “poop” is all we hear on the most prime time news from the lips of a decent-looking and decently dressed woman.

I am totally not interested in talking to Rita Panahi, its only her parents that I’d wish to speak about how did they raise their girl? For her racist and pro-republican news producers, I’d give them all the margin of error for belonging to their fore-fathers who colonized and mass-murdered local indigenous population in Americas and Australia.


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