There Are Things I Unlearned

There are things
That I learned by

Merely watching you
And then

There are things
I unlearned

By merely being

Note: Its not some competition between you and me. You came closer to me not to go away but chose to being you despite a new “us” being born. I went away because before you, I was doing perfectly alright being me all by myself without needing any unnecessary time-wasting, tears-jerking, words-wasting relationship with you. Before being ready for a new “us”, please get rid of your selfish and age-old me since I’d be doing the same, rest assured.

When you are ready for meeting someone new i.e. “us”, not me, you are welcome to join my adventure into the unknown. Frail people should remain to themselves even though sometimes being all by ourselves can also become dangerous to our own well-being in the hands of our own miserable, lonely, fearful and depressed selves when no amount of happy pills (anti-depressants or drugs) or therapies (or alternate lifestyles i.e. polyamory) can help.

Only the quest of true love will quench your thirst for life. Otherwise you’d return to the same deathly silence from which you were born.

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