Minus Any Remote Possibility

First time
I looked for love

Her cheating on me
Destroyed everything

This time
I plan on looking


Any remote possibility

Her hideously deceptive

And violent vagina

Note: I was totally naive to think that a woman can never be a criminal, evil and a totally stupid individual just like anyone else out there. Exceptions are always there but for me to paint the whole gender of human specie with positive goggles, was definitely “too” naive on my part.

A cheating bitch can easily distort your positive view and turn you into another hateful, deceptive, cranky and crabby individual like herself. But you can always opt for Dale Carnegie’s golden principle;

“Always expect the best while being ready for the worst”

I just could never imagine the “worst” included a woman saying all these words, and still cheating on me, lying and stealing from me;

You are my hero


Can I have a baby looking just like you?”


No man has ever loved me like you did”.

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