A Temporary Harm

I don’t mind
A temporary harm

A cheating

Lying slut

Trying to have
My baby

And setting her eyes

Living off me
For the rest of

Her life

Note: And when she saw that I figured her game out earlier than she could imagine since she had made other men fool the same way (by having their babies and living off them), she said this to me;

“I will feed pork to your child.”
“I will turn your child into another promiscuous individual like myself”
“I will introduce alcohol and drugs to your child whenever he/she feels unhappy”

She was trying to poke me into getting some kind of reaction i.e. asking her to abort the baby when it was she herself who wanted to murder an innocent child (mine or others’ I don’t know since she was fucking others at the same time). And she never gave me the receipt of the abortion bill which she charged to my debit card. Like many other things she stole from my home and bank, this was just another cheap theatric by a broke white trailer trash.

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