Searching For Love – Five Years (Part 2)

A few months ago, I reblogged a wonderful post by “threepageloveletter” whereby we had the following conversation on my favorite topic “searching for love”;

My comment;

I would prefer to love before its time to leave this beautiful world full of awesome people.


Her response;

As would I, but I’d rather not waste the time I have here chasing it.


My question to her;

I am curious to know more about what you just said. Please try to elaborate as I think the world does not start or end with this fictional (or real) character “Logic”. Why isn’t the search of love worth trying even though you already mentioned two reasons? I’d love to see your views enrich mine too.


Her take on not searching for love;

Logic is a real person, and the ruler by which I measure how I’m treated because he treated me so well. But I would it waste my time searching for love with someone I’ve yet to meet when I could spend that time making more memories with the family and friends that love me and will be most impacted by my passing. I would value them over myself.


My thoughts on not making an effort to find love;

Who we seek, also becomes more than family or friend to us and by no means such search should ever impact our normal day-to-day interactions with our existing loved ones. A man and a woman created all these friends, family and neighbors we see all around us. I’d still encourage you to invest some of your alone moments that will be otherwise invested in living with the love of your life. Btw, I love the way you think about life and totally pray for your love to find you.


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