Get Free Genuine Licensed Windows 10 Product Key By Installing Via Downloaded ISO Image and Entering Windows 7 Product Key

Method 1: Clean Install Windows 10

Instead of having to install Windows 7 first before installing Windows 10, you can cleanly install Windows 10 via downloaded ISO image and USB flash drive from Microsoft and enter old Windows 7 license or product key to activate new Windows 10 computer or laptop.

Method 2: Upgrade Windows 7 To Windows 10

Right-click downloaded Windows 10 ISO image and open with “Windows Explorer”;

Next, run the “setup” application to start upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10;

When done upgrading, it gets a new digital license for your Windows 10 machine. However, before starting all this process, make sure your Windows 7 machine is activated via a genuine yet old Windows 7 product key.

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