Breakthrough Covid 19 Cases – Delta Still Infecting The Vaccinated

A YouTube commentator Jim Lewis said;

Notice all the open ended language and appeals to emotion. These people are reprehensible.

Jim Lewis

… and my response to his comment was;

Very wisely said Jim. Its year 2021 and despite thousands of years of scientific discoveries in the health, all the science could produce was this imperfect vaccine, not any cure or at least sure-shot or 100% diagnosis/testing (not false positive tests) or research where and how it infects and kills except the “open ended language” for people to digest and die without complaining much. This atrocious lack of the research and development of an actual medicine or cure despite TWO very long and depressing years passing (with unfortunate millions of them dead already) is a slap in the face of every health-related scientist and researcher.


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