Why Am I Not Vaccinated Against COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

I have always lead a healthy life with certain social distancing habits of mine naturally built inside me. The only thing that has changed in me is this wearing of the mask indoors where there are no windows or open air passageway i.e trains, buses or planes.

Everywhere else, wherever possible without violating that place’s rules, I avoid wearing mask cause it hinders my breathing. Not that I am asthmatic or have any disease, which thankfully I have none so far. It’s just my personal decision to never stop myself from breathing in the fresh air without any masks filtering it to my lungs.

I have witnessed only people with preexisting health conditions (i.e blood pressure or sugar) die because of COVID since they don’t have a strong immune system like the one I have had due to my healthy eating and social distancing lifestyle since decades.

I have no plans of getting vaccinated, nor am I going to put the lives of my loved ones in danger by exposing them to the percentage of people who get side effects unnecessarily when they are leading a perfectly normal and healthy life, thanks to their natural immune system.

I have all the right to my body and life, as long I am practicing social distancing without causing any harm to myself, my loved ones or the public in general.

Only waiting on health science (research and development) to come up with a definitive answer to this hyped up pandemic.

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