How To Respond To An Appointment Cancellation

Someone did not show up for their first appointment and I was livid while sippng a very tasty capuccino coffee all the while whining in front of the waiters. Here’s what I wrote back to the one who texted some emergency came up;

I am right now sitting in XYZ club coffee house at our 10am appointment and reading your cancellation message of something we have been planning for a week or so.

Please remove my Email and phone number from your records since I may not be interested in seeing you or disturbing you from your priorities and emergencies.


Life is too fluid and precious to wait on anybody. Just like everything, nothing should stop us from treating someone as disposable since they did not value our tiny, temporary and precious moments of a lifetime. The best response to being stood up is to never EVER talk or see that individual again no matter if he or she comes off as a God or an angel. In other words, even if a God or a Goddess (yes, billions of people believe in such an entity) cancels the appointment, I’d give a fuck about meeting him or her again.

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