I was reading someone’s post about not having a purpose.

What is a “purpose”?

When I look at the nature and the world or universe around me, I don’t see anyone or anything planning in advance, doing anything methodically and then making it happen just like how it was supposed to be. Actually anything that has a purpose or there’s some sort of end-result already planned, totally bores me to death.

I love things random, in the moment and enjoy the uncertainty. I don’t see any bird, a cloud or mountains having such purposes except than just being there randomly or be gone without any warning. There’s so much beauty to see in the “purpose-less” that once you get used to it, you’d stop planning, looking forward to any goals, etc.

Take for example, the concept of love. Its so spontaneous, so easy, so simple and totally awesome beyond words. Yet, people make it look so complicated i.e. planning to find someone, getting married, having kids, getting divorced, remarrying and then ending up alone.

What is the harm in never loving, not because there are not awesome people to love, but just letting yourself be in love with your own self. Allowing yourself the liberty of not knowing the word “love” or any customary definitions, or traditional stuff associated with it.

See, once you take the purpose out of anything, it goes back to its natural self which is beautiful and wonderful beyond any descriptions words can come up with.

Hence, stop worrying about purpose and start living only in the moment which was never planned (your very existence speaks loudly about it) and you’d never have the control on your past, nor in your future. Its just a “purposeless” NOW that you should be concerned with, since this now should never be sacrificed for anything (or anyone) in the past or in any future.


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