Eastern Excuse To Bear An Abusive Western Wife

Behind the guise of militant feminism, majority of the western women have become proud bitches and sluts. However, the eternal loneliness (after many failed relationships) or ending up behind bars for committing violence against men or in a graveyard prematurely (watch 1989 movie “The War Of The Roses“) scares the heck out of them.

To fix themselves, some of these bitches and sluts flock to the East i.e. Asian nations like India or Indonesia. There are actual books and movies made on such an interesting topic. For example read a book “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert or watch a 2010 movie with the same title.

Here’s one of the many Eastern stories of (so-called) wisdom they wish to hear;

An Overbearing Wife

There was a saint who had hundreds of followers and he used to deliver spiritually up-lifting lectures daily in a jungle to his devotees. He was so brave that he used to ride a lion to arrive at their gathering place. Nobody knew where he actually lives or came from. Out of curiosity, one day, one of his devotees secretly followed him on his return to his home.

When the saint knocked his door, a woman inside screamed in an unpleasent voice;

Who the heck has bothered my afternoon sleep?

Upon finding her husband (the saint) on the door, she carried on spewing more hateful words towards him. Keeping his head down, he silently entered his home.

Next day during the gathering and in the middle of saint’s lecture, the same devotee who had followed him secretly got up in front of everyone and asked the saint why he lectures everyone about the good but chooses to bear an abusive wife for himself instead?

Upon hearing that question, the saint lowered his gaze towards the earth and after a little pause, he said;

Since you have made my personal secret a public one, let me assure you that today is the last day you will ever hear from me. Under the seven layers of this earth and beyond those seven skies, there’s no man to bear such an abusive woman. I bear her abuse only to give her companionship since she will die of loneliness if I am not there.”

(end of story)

In other words, even in the East, these militant feminist women (popularly known as bitches and sluts) are actually looking for submissive men in name of extracting a revenge after thousands of years of so-called male-dominated societies. It is my personal belief that whatever non-sense (including wars, poverty or exploitation of any sort) I see amongst humans, its only because of the lack of love and respect between a man and a woman.

In a bibclical story of Adam and Eve (whether true or false), Adam was created first before Eve. And since he had everything in the heaven (including vaginas to fuck), he only lacked another human (preferably in the shape of a woman) for companionship and talking. However, if both of them chose to become abusive (or deceptively hideous) towards each other, I think heaven was the first place that became corrupted by their stupid behavior towards and each other and they were rightfully thrown out of the heaven towards a temporary and hellish place like planet Earth to be as much terrible towards each other as possible for an equally horrible demise.

Hence, all the wars and bloodshed, whether real red blood or fake in the forms of breakups (divorces) we see all around us.

The War Of The Roses (1989 movie)

Eat Pray Love (2010 movie)

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