Hope Is The Reason

Hope is the reason
I still fuck

Any gold-digging
Trailer trash

Out there
In the wild

Note: These losers roam around us easily identifiable and ignorable via their cheap attention-seeking theatrics i.e gold-digging disguised as love, etc.  I just don’t trust my eyes and ears. I bring such losers (usually having boobs and vaginas) closer, listen to their usual sob stories, faking to fall for them by my own fake tears along with their alligator tears, and fuck them in the nearest nice and clean hotel.

Most of these garbage and trashy sluts want to visit my home and see my money and car. I let them have everything until they take whatever they can and leave my soul and body behind intact with myself.

That temporary price I pay for exposing these trailer trashy sluts, will hopefully make them wonder about themselves one fine day and their conscience will kick in.

Hopes and dreams is all we actually have. Lets never stop hoping and dreaming.

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