My Journey From Being A VIP To Commoner

After I got bored of being a highly competitive member of a VIP club (imagine Donald Trump here), I opted to become a commoner. Since I didn’t have remotely possible clue about what does a commoner look like, I started wandering aimlessly in this world fucking (or unfucking) any stranger (who looks boring and lonely beyond words can express) I’d meet all across the world.

For example, I’d stumble upon an unimportant 40-seconds video like this one and for minutes (if not hours) I’d watch it over and over to find something common or boring as an inspiration to become exactly that in this clingy, needy and attention-seeking world.

A strangely surprising thing happened i.e gold-diggers stopped loving me. They’d still stick around me as long as I had a luxurious apartment, a brand new car and a few thousand bucks in my bank account since that was the bare minimum survival as per my humble opinion. But these gold-diggers will be unable to fake love for too long like before when I used to be a VIP.

I am still learning how to become more common, more boring and totally unattractive/unnoticeable coming off as always-available. The more losers (in shape of sluts, whores, gold-diggers, retards) pass me by, the more I’d succeed in my objective to become an easily forgettable individual.

Before I started writing this, I felt like I am bored in trying to be a commoner too just like how I was bored being a VIP. But look, how writing a few words about my useless pursuit (of becoming a commoner) made it sound so interesting, if not to you, at least for myself. All of this reminds me of asking this question to one of the many gold-diggers I used to fuck;

“Why did you leave your husband?

She said;

“I was bored after a few years, a baby and the same dick going inside my vagina all the time”.

A cheating slut

Okay, she did not say the part “the same dick going inside my vagina all the time“, but you do get the gist.

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