Imma sit this guilt trip out!

I think whoever cheats on us, is equally to blame along with their partner (in cheating). No matter how many years or decades pass in any fake love, the true face (of a twisted soul) does come out in a broad daylight. No amount of deception, hideousness or whatever that cheater learned from this equally twisted world of fake people, can keep that true horrible selves of them hidden for too long. We experience their ugliness only for a few temporary moments, days or years. Imagine their poor selves having to live with such a despicable self forever !!!

SaltofThaEarth 🥀

It’s been a while since we’ve had a heart to heart conversation. Too much time has passed and it seems almost moot at this point. I gotta let you know how I am feeling even if you never read this letter. I have to birth this burden and give it a chance to die. As long as I carry it around it will continue to thrive off the energy it suckles from me. To be honest, I don’t want to help it survive anymore.

Until now I held on because I was afraid that letting it go would mean losing you. Only now have I realized that I lost you the moment this bitch showed up! Out of nowhere she showed up and you chose to entertain her. That would’ve been fine except she is a jealous one. She didn’t like me and she made you choose. I had to…

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