Looking For A Soulmate With A Degree In Psychology, Specializing In Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Who was happily looking for a soulmate, but feels like they ended up with a degree in Psychology, specializing in narcissistic personality disorder?

(A quote by anonymous)

Note: I know at least one such qualified psychiatrist who was part of a polyamorous group and used to fuck at least 10 people at the same time (not simultaneously, but sort of like serial fucking), only to get over with their sexual frustration. One of their victims was such a fool that they claimed to fall in love with their shrink while they were merely fucking each other. And when the same victim of such a shrink interacted with me, they claimed to fall in love with me too.

I mean, COME ON!!!

Give me back my beer… and thanks for holding it while I quoted such a stupid thing. They say after falling in love with total losers and time-wasters, you do start visiting empty bars, playing pool, narrating your sob stories with a sexy bartender and looking for someone naïve randomly visiting such bars.

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