How To Install WordPress On GoDaddy Hosted Website Via Automatic Installer i.e. Installatron

Here’s how you can install WordPress blog on your own GoDaddy hosted website/domain account via automatic installer;

Login to your GoDaddy account;

Click your username on top right hand corner and select “My Products”. Click “Manage” button next to hosting product;

Click “Add Website”;

Enter your domain name and click “Add Website”;

After the website is created, click “Install Application” under its domain;

Click “Install this application”;

Click drop-down menu next to “Location” and select the domain where you wish to install WordPress and the directory name as well;

Note down the “Administrator Username” and “Administrator Password”. Click “Show” password or “Generate” button;

When done configuring WordPress blog, click “Install” button at the bottom;

When done installing, click “” link;

Choose and click any template for your new website;

Next, click “Start with this Template” button to continue;

When done selecting template, click “Finish Setup”;

Now, enter your website URL in the browser as below;

If you see this message going on forever and not ending, then you can open another browser window and login to your GoDaddy account’s hosting and click “cPanel Admin” button to continue;

In cPanel, click “File Manager”;

Under “public_html”, click the domain name folder and then click the “wp-content” folder. On the right hand window, right-click “mu-plugins” and select “Rename” option;

Rename this folder as “mu-plugins-abc” and click “Rename File”;

Next, simply browse to your website’s WordPress dashboard via;

To test your WordPress installation, click “New Post” on top menu;

Here, type your post’s title whatever you wish and type something in the content. When ready, click “Publish” button. If you see this error message;

“Publishing failed. You are probably offline.”

Then go to the next step of replacing the default post editor with a “Classic Editor” plugin;

Under Plugin, click “Add New” and type “Classic Editor” by WordPress Contributors in the search bar. Activate this editor and you should be able to post a new blog entry successfully without any issues.

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