Only Actions Combined With Words (Prayers) Can Defeat Evil

Your definition of evil may not equal mine. For example, murdering a child in the womb might very well be defined as an inconvenient right to abort a baby. Or dividing this free planet Earth (for birds and animals except humans) via physical or intellectual borders may very well be disguised as security and immigration. And the list goes on and on… which forms very well the difference between what is defined as evil or good.

What matters most is what you see around yourself. For example, a (self-proclaimed) superpower invades a poor country, murdering thousands and maiming millions behind the guise of a fake excuse (insert Bush’s and Obama’s wars). And to top it off, this mass murder is vehemently voted in favor (of war) by the so-called “sane” governments of the most (again self-proclaimed) civilized nations represented in United Nations.

This world (of humans) is pretty scary if you and I were a mere an ant or a bird watching from above skies or from under the soil. We vote for all kinds of crazies including Bush/Trump/Obama or Obama Jr. a.k.a Joe Biden.

STOP voting like zombies and START doing actually something about all this non-sense around you and me. Mere prayers, empty words, bars, nude clubs, alcohol and drugs can only go this far in keeping our conscience asleep.

Wake up and instead of sending teenagers and 20-somethings to wars, get your lazy ass off armchair talks and ACTUALLY do something about it. Words and prayers used to work during voodoo days thousands of years ago.

Its 2021 for whoever’s sake!

STOP suffering and dying silently in your loneliness since individualism is the new religion!

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