60 Billion Dollars Per Annum Needed To Fix Homeless Issue

Officially, there are around half a million homeless idividuals in USA. Unofficially, only universe knows!

Let’s take official count and try to calculate government expenditure on a 50 years basis assuming average life-span of a homeless is 68 since upto the age of 18, DCF and foster families take care of the most of the childern issues.

Permanently secure housing by VA (Veteran Affairs) costs around $10,000 per homeless individual veteran. If you apply the same upon every homeless individual in USA as per official figures, here’s what we get in terms of total expected government expenditures over a term of 50 years;

$10,000 x 12 months = $120,000 per year per homeless

$120,000 x 50 years = $6 million for 50 years per homeless

$6 million x 500,000 homeless individuals = $3,000,000,000,000 (3 Trillion)

In other words, around 60 billion dollars annually can fix the homeless situation in USA for upto half a million individuals.

Cover Image Courtesy: Mary Ellen Mark

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