Install Windows 11 On Older Computers or Laptops Bypassing TPM or Minimum Requirements

Note: This workaround replaces the Windows 10 ISO image’s original file “install.esd” with Windows 11 ISO image file “install.wim”.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 installer does not allow installing its operating system on unsupported or older computer system hardware and it will always issue this warning without installing anything whenever you try to install;

“This PC can’t run Windows 11”

Here’s why;

The PC must support TPM 2.0

The PC must support Secure Boot.

Original message in Windows 11 Setup splash screen

To fix this issue on an older or unsupported computer hardware, here are a few steps;

First of all, download original Windows 10 ISO image file from official Microsoft download link using “Create Windows 10 Installation Media”. Click “Download tool now” button under the same heading;

Once the download completes, run the file named as “MediaCreationTool21H1”;

Choose “Create installation media”;

Next, choose ISO file and let this download finish since its size is more than 4 GB.

Repeat the same process to download Windows 11 ISO image file from official Microsoft downloads and note down where you saved both Windows 10 and Windows 11 ISO image files.

Next insert a minimum 8GB USB flash drive in your computer and create a bootable Windows 11 installation USB flash drive using RUFUS bootable flash drive creation software (download from There are two alternate settings that you can use to create your RUFUS based Windows 11 USB bootable flash drive;

or if you face this error;

Then use these settings to create your bootable USB flash drive containing Windows 10 installation media;

Next, open your newly created USB’s “sources” folder and delete “install.esd” file as below;

Next, open (or mount) Windows 11 ISO image file saved on your computer;

From “sources” folder of the Windows 11 ISO image, copy “install.wim”;

And pasted the same “install.wim” file in USB drive’s “sources” folder;

That’s all. Now you can insert your USB flash drive in your new system and boot it from the USB drive to install Windows 11 operating system.

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