Sophia Urista Singing And Peeing On Stage At The Face Of A Middle Aged Fan

After watching this, I will keep my comments to discuss with a future hot coffee date of mine. For now, I believe things that belong to secret porn, should not performed in public for the sake of everyone’s collective sanity. However, this might be the new norm becoming mainstream just like others before it. I did enjoy this reaction by Graham Hartmann from LoudWire (;

A fan in attendance got golden showered for reasons that remain unclear. He appeared to have a GoPro on his head at first, but it fell off as he began to lay on the ground. The dude seemed to enjoy himself though, with the crowd going absolutely nuts as Urista let loose on the guy. The band continued playing throughout the bridge of “Wake Up” like everything was normal, while Urista repeated Zack de la Rocha’s haunting “I think I heard a shot” lyric.

Once the stream ceased, the pee-drinking gentleman celebrated like his first child had just been born. He rattled off some Tiger Woods arm pumps and followed it up by spraying pee from his mouth like Triple H entering the ring at Wrestlemania.

Graham Hartmann (LoudWire)

Her Introduction (As per NBC’s “The Voice”)

Sophia comes from a very conservative family and was a pre-med student before realizing that performing was her passion. At 21 years old, Sophia made the move to New York City with only $700 and zero support from her family. In 2009, Sophia took part in a fundraiser karaoke contest for sickle cell anemia. Since then, Sophia has hosted and performed at venues all over New York. Sophia lives with her girlfriend, Jessica, and currently MCs at a burlesque supper club in NYC.

NBC – The Voice

Sophia Urista shares her memories


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