Lucy Holden On Dating

After reading Lucy Holden’s article about dating on the daily newspaper “Evening Standard” titled “Mediocre men, catfishing creeps and so-so sex”

This is how one of her readers (SwayLee)  reacted in the comments section;

What is it that makes all these men “mediocre” in your mind?. Do they all fail to live up to your unrealistic “standards(read looks)”?.

In your next article, perhaps you can walk us through what it is you offer a man and define the characteristics about yourself that make you more than “mediocre”. I assume you are above that level hence why you are casting a wide net tarring so many men as beneath you.

The men have no right to reply. Interview some and find out what they thought of you.

Of course you don’t care because your next degenerate one night stand is just a swipe away.

Dating apps have ruined society. Do people realize how their partners are cheating with people they met on Tinder?. The men and women literally driving to other counties to “hook up”. These are the top percentile of men based on looks and looks only. Dont give me that personality BS.

And women who have limitless power to have intimate relationships with multiple men a week if they require. But only if you meet their unrealistic standards(read be good looking)

How stupid do people have to be in order to actually marry someone you matched with?.

A person on Tinder always has another option but give a human too many of those and they will struggle to, if ever, make a choice. The perfect partner won’t ever be found. Because you just dismissed him and all the others as “mediocre”. I guess you expect them to be a “real man”(read good looking) and you needed to feel that spark(read good looking).

Women are so transparent. When you go home the minute you pass that door the makeup falls off you and you laze around like a sloth in your pj’s looking at your phone. What do you offer to anyone?

===== End of Comment by SwayLee =====

I can easily connect with SwayLee’s words and I am one of those who clicked the “Like” button on his/her comment. However,   I read Lucy Holden’s article differently AFTER I saw her sexy as hell pic on her personal website

I know from now on, my SwayLee glasses will be off and I did re-read her article with an open and more positive mind. If she was really an ugly looking woman, I’d be definitely ranting like SwayLee. Please call me all the names you can, but I’d love to first of all show my reading and liking her awesome beyond words article. I know the absence of critique dulls my comment, hence please stop reading any further.

For others who are genuinely looking for a life partner, soul mate, or still believe in Cinderella stories, you’re welcome to continue reading my honest and genuine liking of not only the words but also the sexy persona of Lucy Holden.

Let’s read her article’s title again;

Mediocre men, catfishing creeps and so-so sex

She described the absence of exceptional man she hasn’t met yet. Further, online people are too unrealistic instead of the “REAL” and honest dating profile she’s looking for. And finally, nobody has so far blown her socks off via sex which is why she calls it so-so sex. Nobody should feel obliged to call her names and what not like SwayLee did on here.

Wish I could write more about her insightful article about online dating scene, but I’d rather prefer to read more of her articles since this was my first time I got introduced to such a sexy woman with brains.

No flattering intended, btw 🙂 Only my biased opinion since I’m a sucker for beauty (physically or intellectually).

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