Heilung – Svanrand (Lyrics in Turkish, Old Norse and English)

Lyrics (English)

Battle Battle
War Army-djötur
Masked One Sword Warrioress Wise-dead

Noise Spear-battle
Revenge Spear-shaker
Helmet-friend Wand-wielder Wild One

Spear-battle Quaking One
Spear-flinger Army-woman
Spear-woman Horse-white Daughter

Devastate Ale-rune
Army-silence All-wise
Sword-fight Point-woman Armor-battle

Army Strength
Weaving-god Noise
Sword Warrioress Victory-urger

Protrude Shield-maid
Swan-white Shield-destroyer
Axe-age Daughter of the Gods Wish-maid

Strength Changeable
Tooth-relative Victory-rune
Fight Age of Swords Sacrifice-latches

Shaker Wither
Very Violent Cove-sheild
Sword-magic Slain-strength Cloud

Slain-silence Free
Shield-magic Swan-maid
Silence God of the Slain Army-magic


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