Her Hero

She called me
Her hero

For saving her
From poverty

Mistaking her
Fake love and

As real and true

Note: A selfish, hideously deceptive, greedy and total loser on the streets is NEVER trusted by nobody in their sane minds. I do, since I still believe there’s no power greater than love despite her cheating on me and spreading lies about me to get more dicks, their money, their kids (for a lifetime support), etc. Such losers stay eternal losers since they seek substances (i.e. drugs, alcohol, happy pills) to keep on destroying themselves non-stop no matter how much you try to love and care about them. That still does not stop me from believing in love and that still does not stop her from cheating, lying, deceiving, stealing and running with her tail between her legs whenever a spade is called a spade.

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