To Never Waste My Moments Again

For now
I’m too busy

Getting to know

And Befriending
My own self

Not to win
Or conquer myself

But to love me

To never waste
My moments again

In loving someone else
Outside of me

Or buying
Any Cinderella storiees

Or charity through
Any Mother Teresa examples

EVER again
Through words or pictures

Call me selfish
And I will call you

A deceptive, stealing,
Cheating stupid whore

Note: These deceptive cheating whores that walk all around us try to seduce us through their aging boobs and an abused vaginal expressway of many dicks. They will narrate all sorts of made-up sob stories of lost love or how men mistreated them in past. These zombies (eternal losers) are a sheer waste of time and energy of any sort. Actual prostitutes are far better (and more honest) than these cheating and lying bitches who come off looking for love.

I know these hideous bitches will be celebrating these words after trying to infect me with their (never love AGAIN) virus. But I am sure this world is not full of these losers who can be easily identified via various failures of their lifetime, not just coming off as gold-diggers. They are actually too stupid since none of their fake love ever lasted beyond couple of months at least in my case, and I do know some get the shock of their lifetime (via their cheating) after decades of being together too.

These sick souls try all sorts of self-damaging things i.e. drugs, alcohol, sex, anti-depressants, therapies and what not. They try to come off as mentally retarded but actually know forewell what and how they are doing. These stupid whores are aplenty out there and too easy to open their legs to total strangers after shedding a few alligator tears narrating totally made up sob stories reflecting their hideously deceptive and ugly selves.

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