Speak The Language Of Masses

I have had close interaction with self-entitled and pseudo intellectuals, writers, poets and what not. They want to impress us all with their learned collection of vocabulary. But in the process, they forget the very basic foundation or principle of comunication i.e speak the language of masses.

The masses start with totally uneducated and end with the teachers and/or syllabus of the universities where these pseudo intellectualls got educated. It is their assumptions or presumptions about others that bring shame to them in the shape of not being able to understand or convey your point of view across.

Hence, the easiest, simplest and the most natural form of communication is to start speaking the language of masses and STOP trying to impress the rest of the world with difficult to understand or rarely spoken words that one needs to sort through dictionaries of all sorts to know what the heck this messed up self-entitled and pseudo-intellectual was trying to say or mean.

Note: Sometimes, I feel like getting tired of speaking the obvious. But then, what sounds obvious to me, could very well be totally unheard of for others as well.

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