Show Wifi Password On Windows 11 – Find Wireless Network Key On Microsoft Windows

There are two ways to see WiFi password stored in your Microsoft Windows 11 computer;

Option 1: Show WiFi Password Via Command Prompt

Click Start menu and type “cmd” on the top search bar without the inverted commas for command prompt and click “Run as administrator” below Command Prompt app;

In the Command Prompt, type this command and press ENTER key on your keyboard when done;

netsh wlan show profiles

You will see a list of all currently saved WiFi (wireless network) profiles under “User profiles”. Note down the exact upper case or lower case characters/numbers of your target WiFi network that you wish to see the password for;

Now run the below command to reveal the Wifi password or key for a specific Wi-Fi SSID (network name):

netsh wlan show profile name=“Wi-Fi NAME” key=clear

Replace WiFi Name in the given command with WiFi SSID (Wi-Fi network name) that you want to see the saved password or key for:

netsh wlan show profile name=”Mr.Tayyab” key=clear

In our case, the WiFi name is ‘Mr.Tayyab’. Make sure to keep the characters in UPPER or lower case. You can either use the name of a network that is not connected now or out of range on your computer as long the name is listed under User Profiles (which you got using the previous command).

Under “Security setttings”, your WiFi password is shown right next to the “Key Content”.

Option 2: View WiFi Wireless Network Password Via Control Panel

In Windows 11, click Start menu and type “network adapter”. Next, click “open” under “Manage Network Adapter Settings”;

In the next window, under “Network & internet > Advanced network settings”, click “More network adapter options”;

Under the list of “Network Connections”, Right-click the WiFi Wireless adapter and select “Status”;

In the WiFi adapter options, click “Wireless Properties”;

In the next dialog box, click “Security” tab and checkmark “Show characters” under “Network security key”. This is your WiFi Wireless Network password;

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