Oh, Lord, Flying Spaghetti Monster, What A Mess

“I may not know you, but if people can hate people they don’t know, I can love. ”

These are words of Cara Christensen (Robertson) who blogs at https://optimismandcaffeine.wordpress.com/. That’s exactly how I approach total strangers. I thought I was the odd one.





Optimism and Caffeine

Sigh. If you follow me on any of my platforms, you’ve probably noticed a lack of activity and/or a lot of complaining. I’m miserable. I’ve been sick and sleeping ALOT and that is compounding the depression. I’m really sick and really depressed while sleeping a ridiculous amount and having the energy of a snail with a thyroid problem. Needless to say, I’m pretty much not functioning as an actual human at this point. When I do manage to push through, there are migraines, body pains, falling asleep against my will doing random things, just a lot of the things that you’d get if you were sleep deprived. This, after about 5 hours of being awake. No joke. Sleep study and MRA coming. Hopefully they will show something besides my brain waves are off. This sets the tone for the rest of the post.

I also had a really good friend…

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