Once Upon A Time I Had Children With The Wrong Man – Elisabet Karlsten

I was randomly browsing a blog when I stumbled upon a strangely funny comment on this blog post by a mother;

Elisabet Karlsten

Once upon a time, I had children with the wrong man. Can you say that?

Madeleine Stenberg

Yes of course you can ❤


LMFAO!!! Elisabet… that was so funny. There was a wrong woman who tried to have my babies to strangle me for the rest of my life. Thank God (or the abortion laws of USA), she is having kids from different fathers today, but none from me. Phew!!!! I’d love to read your blog and thoughts Elisabet. What is your website?

In this divorce culture, how mothers desperately want to erase their kids’ fathers from their lives. I can easily connect with them.

This reminds me of an age-old conversation between a student and a very wise man;

Student: Dear wise man, where did you get all that wisdom from?

Wise Man: By watching fools. Whatever they do, I don’t. Hence I’m wiser.


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