Any Other Topic Beyond Cheating

Let’s say she had not cheated on me and I’d be living a normal life, what else would be I writing about since cheating of a woman seems to be the only boring topic I focus on?

I honestly believe the universe wanted me to feel the pain of any poor innocent soul who has been cheated on. There must be someone out there whose heart and soul was shattered beyond words can explain and the universe wanted me to connect with her truly and deeply. Not that I’d want to fuck her too just like her Ex, its more about understanding about where she is coming from.

Unfortunately, by narrating or making up such sob stories, many people come closer to you only to fool you. But then how long and far can lies (fake love) go? One fine day either they admit or leave with their tails between their legs silently.

When I picture such scenario where my woman had not cheated on me, I can only think of me being back to my first love i.e. machines, gadgets, computers and everything far far away from anything human out there. I have been an introvert during my childhood and still I may seem like party’s only entertainer.

Loyalty between a man and a woman guarantees peace, love and prosperity on this planet Earth. Especially when a woman knows loud and clear that I am a polygamist.

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