Head-On With My Own Hypocrisy – Sex, Love And Marriage

When I point one finger at a hypocrite slut (with dual-speak), there are already 4 of my own fingers pointing back towards me. Its been bothering me for quite a long time, hence I decided to deal with this inner devil head-on.

I am born with a dick just like any woman who is born with a vagina and boobs. Sex is supposed to be only between a couple that is married and according to my definition of marriage, the intention alone forms the basis or a proof of marriage. Hence, my 177 flings where I was sincerely planning to get married.

When I visit nude clubs and watch totally naked women (in their early 20’s) dancing, I enjoy sips of my Orange juice or Pepsi/coke whichever is served by a hot bar-tender. Despite having many informal relationships with prostitutes, whores and street sex sellers, I have never had sex with any of them.

To home, I brought only two prostitutes;

Once, when my woman was angry with me and she had left home. Only to make her hate me more, I brought a young prostitute from streets to my home and made a video call to my woman alongwith this prostitute. She was of course furious. After the call, when I paid to the prostitute and offered her a lift back to her place, she was wondering why? I said politely I love my woman more than she can imagine. She smiled shyly and I dropped her back to her streets.

Second time, after my woman cheating on me and leaving, I was strolling the streets in the middle of the night as usual since I could not fall asleep missing her. I went to McDonalds and while having my favorite McMuffin breakfast at the morning wee hours of 3am all alone, I saw this middle-aged prostitute as the only customer of that restaurant giving me a smile. I could easily tell she wanted business. I went to her place and when she took off her clothes, I saw an abused vagina which totally put me off. Instead of paying her 30 bucks (as promised), I paid her 60 and left by making an excuse of waking up early enough to go to office. She happily accepted that and let me go.

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