New Year Resolutions

Losing control or emotions is very much human. Never become a machine in the name of self-control. Let yourself be!

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I’ve already decide what I do, with my own mindset for next year.

  • Make a safer space on my platforms, without having to use Twitter or Facebook to do it.
  • Go to Monarto Zoo! Where we can be in a cage and feed the Lions!
  • Head to at least one Fringe event … Get out more basically.
  • Start creating things on my days off, and learn to draw!
  • Set up the spare room. My partners mum said she’s coming down these holidays. Do you know how much it would calm my mind to have a nicely put together spare room.
  • Get Travie a harness, since he is NEVER going outside again without supervision.
  • Try to be more…not understanding…but not lose my emotions when I speak with a transphobe.
  • Start to come off the anxiety tablets and practice more mindfulness.
  • Set up one of the other rooms, and make it…

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