Libby Saylor – Her Breakup Story

First, let’s read a few very interesting lines from her sad breakup blog post;

“I don’t want to marry you,” he said to me, shaking and emotional over dinner on Friday, December 3rd, 2021. He had been kinda weird and distant all week, but I didn’t know why. I calmly muttered back, “Do you even want to be with me?” Like, are we talking break-up, heartbreak, nightmare? Or just an unconventional life path, moving forward as beloved partners?”

Libby Saylor

You can read the rest from her own blog by clicking here.

Not many have the courage to write about their breakup in such a detailed, emotional and totally involved kind of way. While reading about her breakup, I thought I was her. That must have ripped her heart out and torn her into so many pieces. Its beyond what words can explain but still, she tried in a few words to let her soul’s feelings out for people like myself to learn from. Totally recommended reading for people interested in anything having to do with love between a man and a woman.

I have a different take on breakup than all stereotypes about it out there. Let me start by quoting my own words that I wrote a few years ago;

A love
That ends
Never love
To begin

I was single, I am single and based on this formula (the one quoted above), if I never get nobody’s love, I’d die single. After all, we are all born alone (and die alone) no matter how many twin, triplet siblings we get.

Let your heart and soul stay open to new love. Give all the opportunities to everyone that comes your way. Let them be themselves. Only the one who loves him (or herself) truly, madly and deeply, will fall in love with you for good and there won’t be any talk, thought or a sad event of breakup EVER in your life again.


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