Life lessons: catch them, don’t duck.

Totally disagree with that. Unlearning some (if not all) life lessons is the key to truly successful, happy and a peaceful life. For example, if a woman cheats on her man, the man should not start doubting every other woman. Give her a benefit of doubt until she actually commits it. Some people walk on planet Earth with negativity (learned from others) stamped on their foreheads and fate. Nothing learnt from such losers is worth keeping. Simply unlearn!

From Famine to Feast.

We start learning with our first breath, and from what I can tell, it’s a pattern that continues. Unless you close yourself off from it, learning for people happens to infinity and beyond.

Buzz Lightyear

I like to learn, though we all have different things that grab us. I like this, and you like that, which has been true since it all began. It’s a good thing; it’s how the pool of knowledge grows deep and wide.

For instance, excluding the young and new, we all know not to lick cold metal. [i] We’re able to profit from the lessons another went through without acquiring that information firsthand. Good thing – I don’t fancy a bleeding or stumpy tongue.

Life lessons aren’t always about the practical and mundane, however vital those lessons may be. We collect philosophical life lessons as well, though we’re slower at picking those up.

I remember…

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