One Of My Many Stalkers

Whoever has had traumatic experience of being stalked can easily relate with me whenever I show a clear and present evidence of someone stalkingg me (via my blog). A slut used to project stalking upon me when she herself stalked the hell out of my internet presence and social media. She would actually use her own face with a handgun pointing (at me, who else?) on her social media profile pics. I gave her a lesson of a lifetime that she will never forget and/or dare to contact me again. However, nobody can be stopped from stalking a social media blog or website since it is in public view.

I have incorporated a blog post voting feature on my blogging website. There is someone hideously loser and coward individual who marks my posts as “1 vote” which means as the lowest grading of a blog post. If that stalker is doing this to attract my attention, I think this blog post will serve the purpose for that loser of a lifetime.

What a waste of blood, flesh and bones are some stupids out there!

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