Many Men Are Depressed Because Of Her

Many men are

Because of her
And still

She carries on
Making up sob stories

Faking orgasms
Stealing money


Spreading lies

She finds
Another new

Note: She placed his clothes in the car trunk, picked him up from his job and dropped him in the middle of nowhere.

She divorced another just because she was robbed.

Next, she wanted to marry a rich polyamorous doctor who used to fuck her for a few hundred bucks.

And then, she used to fuck a drug dealer on the streets in exchange for a joint. And used to write him poetry of love in prison.

She is too coward to commit suicide, hence she hopes to catch fire from another man. Unfortunately, nobody gives a damn about that foolish slut or go to jail by killing her. Her ultimate punishment is to live with her own stinchy and ugly self when her vaginal expressway of dicks and saggy boobs can’t attract enough dicks out there.

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