Install Free Website Hosting Control Panel On CentOS 7 Linux Server – Control Web Panel (CWP) in Amazon AWS LightSail

Here’s how you can install a free website hosting control panel called “CWP” or Control Web Panel on Linux CentOS version 7.0 hosted at Amazon AWS LightSail cloud servers;

Visit this URL and click “Create instance”

Next, select “OS only” with a minimum 1GB RAM and 40GB drive space.

After the server creation, click “Networking” tab and press “Create static IP”. Attach the newly created static IP with the CentOS 7 server instance.

Next, click the CentOS 7 instance and then click the “Networking” tab. Under the IPv4 Firewall, add these ports;

2030 (http)
2031 (https) for CWP panel
2082 (http)
2083 (https) for end user control panel.

In the Instances tab, click the >_ button to start SSH login window;

First of all, change the password of root and note it down;

sudo su


Next, update your server and reboot using these commands;

yum update


After reboot, enter these commands;

sudo su

cd /tmp

yum install wget


Start installing the CWP control panel by issuing this command;

sh cwp-el7-latest

After the CWP installation is complete, note down important server information via copy/pasting the last paragraph under “CWP Installed”;

Next, reboot the server using this command;


In the SSH window, type this with your server’s IP address to login to CWP control panel for super user;

Click the “Advanced login option” at the bottom and then click the “Proceed to IP address (unsafe)” option;

In the next window, enter “root” as the username and the password you created earlier;

Click the WebServer Settings –> Select WebServers

Click “Nginx & Varnish & Apache” radio button and press “Save & Rebuild Configuration” button;

On the left menu, click User Account –> New Account and enter this information;

Domain name:
Username: username
Password: password
Admin Email:
Package: Default
Additional Options: Check Auto SSL option

Once the account is created, note down the credentials in the next window.

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