Setup E-Mail Sending Via WordPress Contact Form 7, Sendinblue And WP Mail SMTP

NEVER use default PHP mail( ) or wp_mail( ) function to E-mail your contact form or feedback form since it will always end up either being blocked by the E-mail providers or placed in SPAM folder of the recipient E-mail Inbox. Instead of this, use SMTP service provided for free by various providers i.e. sendinblue.

Here’s how you can setup your SMTP provider (sendinblue), SMTP plugin (WP Mail SMTP) and Contact Form 7 plugins in WordPress;


First of all, install WP Mail SMTP plugin by WPForms and configure it with SMTP provider “Sendinblue”;

Setup TXT, SPF and DMARC entries in your domain’s DNS. When done, make sure your Sender E-mail is verified and domain authenticated by clicking “Senders & IPs” menu;

Next, contact the Sendinblue support to request activation of your account at;

Create API key and copy/paste it in WP SMTP plugin. Click Test E-mail to verify its working.

Contact Form 7

Finally, install Contact Form 7 plugin and copy/paste the shortcode on the Feedback Form where you wish your form to be displayed.

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