You Are My Opposite Sex

You are
My opposite sex

A total stranger
(No matter how many

Years we fucked)

Never try to sell me
Any Cinderella stories

Note: That cheating and stupid as hell slut may be jumping with joy seeing me not believe in love between two total strangers. Her vaginal expressway of dicks and two saggy boobs will never understand the depth of these words. And since I feel generous today for no fucking reason, hence let me share my two cents (like those thousands of bucks I showered on that gold-digging bitch) about it;

Every magnet has two sides to it i.e South and North. South hates the other South so passionately that he can’t even imagine coming closer to him. Only a North can get attracted to South.

For example, only a stupid will fall in love with a wise one. Until he/she is stupid, no wisdom will feel any attraction towards him or her.

Now, please give me my 2 cents back because that cheating, violent and lying gold-digging slut already stole enough of mine already.

Thanks, but no thanks!

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