President of Zionist Federation Of Australia Blinking Too Much During A Sky News Australia Interview

Jeremy Leibler was blinking so much that it took my attention away from whatever gibberish he was uttering and I started Googling “a person who blinks too much according to psychology”. Here’s what I found;

“Studies have shown that we blink more when we are experiencing a high cognitive load than when our brains are not being taxed. Also, researchers examining brain activity in relation to blink rate have concluded that a high blink rate can signify a disengagement of attention.”

Medical News Today

And it goes without saying that Sky News Australia is my favorite (sarcastically speaking) racist media organization. Just notice how Sky News Australia highlights “alleging” reading a headline of video (Report alleging Israel is an apartheid state is ‘false and an insult’) in an established global organization’s (Amnesty) factual report regarding apartheid state policies of Israel. At the bottom of the screen it displays further propagandist elements i.e. “Real News, Honest Views”.

For anybody studying media and communications, this is a classical example of propagating false narrative despite being caught with your pants down during a daylight in the middle of crowded people from all walks of life.

The same host continues raising the same issue with another racist individual in another episode of the same Sky News Australia (Afternoon Agenda) channel;


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