Only To Force Me To Never Fall In Love Again

Only to force me
To never fall in love

She went to

All extremes

Hitting and bleeding me
Aborting her own

Flesh and blood
On my expense

Stealing my money
And gadgets

Cheating on

Spreading lies
About me

Above all

Faking love
To me

Note: How naive, stupid and a total retard she was, is and always will be. White trailer trash like her are abundantly out there and despite seeing clear red flags in total losers like herself, I have still not stopped believing in true love. Everything has its opposite in this universe.

I slapped the shit out of her in return to her hitting me, but I can’t put her behind bars since I kissed her, made love to her many times and gave her everything I could or had. She will definitely suffer her own karma at the hands of others with whom she continues faking love. This will never stop me though from narrating her sob story (true as my own deep self) since I want others to take a heed whenever they spot a white trailer trash like her. There is always a first time for everything and I never believed in heartbreaks, divorces, breakups etc until I met this depressed loser of a lifetime totally living off her family and state. She wanted to live off me by carrying my baby (faking pregnancy), yet thankfully, I found out about her cheating on me, stealing from me and what not within a couple of months of her moving in my home.

A deceptive and a hideous white trailer trash like her can fake sob stories, enter your home, steal your money/gadgets and whenever caught red-handed cheating, she will spread lies about you when leaving with her tail between her legs. TOTAL losers like her a sheer waste of flesh, bones and your precious time or money.

Stay safe!

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