Humans Entertaining Humans

I am never entertained by any human no matter how funny or depressing he or she is. My basic entertainment comes from being in the middle of a miracle called universe. From there on, I find huge entertainment in my interaction with the elements of nature.

For example, before buying Cinderella story and trying to fall in love with a cheating, stealing, lying and a violent white trailer trash, I never used to pause and smell the roses. Today, I do that. That tragic existence of hers is a source of such a huge blessing in disguise. Just like every other human, I used to follow and succeed in my career, dreams and what not. However, this tiny (two-months long) interaction with a totally depressed, unmentionable and retarded loser brought such an awesome opportunity for me to start experiencing universe beyond this human world and its money-worshipping cheating sluts who pretend to be monks.

Right in the middle of darkness and an un-ending space (of nothingness) created by such soul-less zombie sluts, the light of life starts glowing the moment you touch a lotus flower in the middle of a lake during a full-moon night without any human present around you. From there on, you can connect with the universe minus greedy sluts. Their two saggy boobs and a vaginal expressway of dicks is their biggest tools to fool a man looking for nothing except love.

Taking advantage of a man’s natural needs for sex (and kids), these sluts walk on the planet Earth in such a huge numbers and so many different forms of knowledge acquired from their victims (behind the guise of love) that sometimes it becomes almost next to impossible to find and interact with a truly sincere and totally in touch with herself individual who does not look at a man through the prism of her financial needs.

I think as men, we are the most unfortunate beings who are presented with a plethora of loser sluts with whom we are foced to have sex since these sluts have mastered the art of faking love and bear their kids to support their cheating endeavors fooling other dicks.

I know quite well the argument of “painting the whole gender with the same brush” and being an optimistic life-long learner, I have never lost the hope despite my hundreds of interactions with such cheating sluts.

As a proof, I have never stopped dating since 2007. Even though I will continue to find another cheating slut faking love to me to the extent that my soul would want to settle, but these experiments in Cinderella-type love stories have been too many (in so many shapes and forms) that only a miracle will bring my desire of being entertained by humans back which I lost the day I started dating.

They say, let the universe find love for you instead of you “trying”. I am a go-getter type of individual and after seeing too many romantic chick flicks (movies) and believing in Cinderella stories, I never stop myself from kissing and making love to a prospective lover.

For now, let the universe continue to entertain me until I find someone (belonging to opposite sex of human species) who can entertain me as well.

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