Deceptive Girlfriend Versus A Gold-digger

A long-haul
Deep digging


A gold-digger
From the outset

Note: Both of them are gold-diggers at their core but this slut claiming herself as your girlfriend and promising to marry you in 10, 15 or 20 years when “she” will be ready, is actually one and the same like her twin sister. I prefer gold-diggers on the front over these hideously deceptive girlfriends though. I apply the same formula of preferring prostitutes over sluts because prostitutes are not at least promising you any sort of love, life-long relationship, making empty promises and shedding alligator tears to win your heart. Lies and deceptions set apart any such two types of sluts or gold-diggers.

Its so unfortunate to find a real woman now-a-days, hence you are forced to fuck and live with lesser evil i.e. prostitutes and gold-diggers. Other promiscuous sluts and gold-digging bitches who come off as “women” with two saggy boobs and an vaginal expressway of dicks are a sheer waste of emotions, time and money. Stay away from them or believing their made-up sob stories about dicks in their past. Fucking them once in a while is alright as long you have maximum a shower talk and leave while your pants are still down, running for hills if you truly love and respect yourself.

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