Into A Self-imposed Oblivion

This was
Always about me

How I love
And never run

From a cheating
Lying, stealing and

A violent bitch
Who vanished

Into a self-imposed

With a tail
Between her legs

Note: This reminds me of my own saying;

Leaving is
The easiest

Hardest is
To stay

Many fake and totally out of touch with themselves bitchy, needy and selfish sluts opened their legs and (as per their fake calims) their hearts to me, not realizing tragic reality of themselves being a walking definition of disloyalty, hideously deceptive and secret flings, and too much wrong with their loser and totally zombie selves. Drugs, alcohol and promiscuity is their only saviour, yet you’d see these bitches scream out of their lungs how lovely they are, and how ugly is the rest of the world.

You’d see such deceptive sluts living with a belief that sex-and-romantic love relationships come and go.

Figuring such waste of human flesh and bones (bitchy sluts) is not that difficult after all. Unfortunately no schools, colleges or universities teach us about such losers’ existence out there. Majority of these slutty bitches use the same places of study to fuck with men’s brains disguised as (fake) love.

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