What Is This Sadness?

The arrival

The hurried exit

A cheating, violent
Stealing slut

I used to wonder
What is this sadness

The whole planet?

Note: In my teenage years, I used to feel this sadness in the air. After having witnessed many of these white trailer trash in person (via fucking), I can now relate with the whole sadness covering not only the planet but its inhabitants as well.

Whenever this retarded stealing, coward, hideous, violent, deceptive and cheating slut sees me noticing anything sad, she starts dancing with joy as if she succeeded in some sort of a mission to make a man sad just like her own depressed and loser self.

Did I tell you that she used to call me her hero? Yeah! Exactly that kind of depression and deception where she treated my money, home, car and expensive gadgets as a free ride just for opening her abused vagina and showing her saggy boobs.

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