Melanie Podolyak (Melaniya-Mariya Podolyak) – Ukrainian Patriot And Social Activist

The political mistake of trying to lure Ukraine towards NATO is going to cost Biden another huge loss in foreign policy after flawed Afghanistan exit debacle. NATO started what Russia will finish and alas, at the cost of innocent civilians and military personnel on Russian/Ukrainian sides when western allies will only be doing lip service as proven by this video presenter. Regarding dictatorship imposed by Russia in Ukraine, I think there are already far more dictatorships imposed and supported by the same western nations all across the world than a teeny tiny one in Ukraine. In global politics, USA/NATO and western allies are clear losers. For global peace sake, please listen to Donald Trump.

All these big powers fight their wars in another country indirectly, costing their civilians and national infrastructure an irreparable damage. It is the stupidity of these countries’s people (Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc) that choose to take a side instead of being neutral and saying “no” to NATO, Russia or China’s luring into their camps. The non-aligned movement is long-dead and unfortunately, today the world is divided again between these major powers’ camps. Seeing this ex-president’s tears on a western TV interview is moving, but in the fog of war, everybody forgets the path of self-destruction that these leaders chose in the name of freedom. Emotions never win any wars, it politics and long-term wisdom demonstrated by US, Russian and Chinese nations that keep their people at peace. Hopefully the rest of the global nations and their people will start waking up, wisening and STOP taking sides for the sake of peace and prosperity of not only their people, but global peace as well.

Imagine Russia supplying arms to IRA and in the middle of UK’s army invading Northern Ireland, Putin making such a war propaganda speech to the British public and Irish freedom fighters just like how Boris Johnson addresses Russian and Ukrainians in this video;

… and lastly, Maria Zakharova From Russia Drops The Mic

The naivety of writers and media about modern-day Russian state (totally different from long-dead USSR) can only be proven by various Times articles about decades long strong global political figure known as Putin. Looking at nations through historical prism sometimes blinds people from modern day realities. According to Napoleon, history is a set of lies agreed upon.


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