While Selling Me Cinderella Story

While selling me
Cinderella story

They insisted upon
“Forever” nature

The time and place

Will be of
Fate’s choosing

Slapping again

This cheating, stealing
Lying and violent slut

Note: This coward slutty bitch hit me from behind when I was sitting and totally thinking that she is my life-partner and would never dare to commit such a suicidal stupid act. I did slap the shit out of her afterwards to make sure she never EVER dares to raise her hand on another man only out of the depression of not being able to commit suicide and die in the hands of a totally different individual out of her. Such suicidal depressed bitches roam around all of us, giving blowjobs, eating their cum, making them feel “loved” and what not, only in a hope these sluts can fool like they were fooled by someone else equally fucked like themselves.

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